Stars are just the freckles of the universe



do you ever hate someone so much but you don’t even have a valid reason

you’re just like


And then they give you a reason and its like


Me: I want to see my OTP in this angsty situation
Me: *sees OTP in angsty situation*
Me: I don't even know what I was thinking this is terrible


Anon Said: Koujaku and Noiz trying to win Aoba over by drinking the most liquor. They both get so drunk they have a one night stand and wake up the next morning in slight shock. Clear won btw

I laughed my ass off so hard…


noiao where noiz comes home upset and on the edge of tears one day and aobas like hey wait whats wrong?? and noiz just pushes himself into his arms and leans into him and starts crying a bit

aoba tries to push back his shoulders so he can look at him but noiz clings really tightly to him because he thinks he looks gross when hes crying

and finally aoba gets him to talk about what’s up and he calms down and his eyes are all red and he’s like “i got my life together and my parents still aren’t proud of me” and aoba just gets really angry for a minute and then hes like “well im proud of you” and noiz just looks over at him and gets all teary again and clings to him and kisses him all over because no one has ever actually said that to him before.



The strongest ‘pound for pound’ muscle is the uterus: it weighs around 2 pounds but during childbirth can exert a downward force of 400 Newtons, which is one hundred times as strong as gravity and equivalent to the power in a fully extended modern longbow. 


Arin Hanson feat. Danny Avidan
Sasquatch Story
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not sure if someone else has uploaded this perfection because it’s so perfect   [x]


seriously though take this personality quiz and tell me what you get. it’s important. 


you know how in some movies the bride/groom calls off the wedding to be with the person they truly love and then they live happily ever after well it’s pretty shitty that the person they were getting married to doesn’t actually get a happy ending but no one seems to care about it to the point that he/she is not even mentioned afterwards as if that person didn’t exist or had feelings at all yeah just a thought



i hate when you voluntarily tell your parents some information about your life because you think you can trust them and then they bitch at you for it like congrats you have guaranteed that i will never tell you anything ever again 


do you ever just

make a friend and think

I am so glad this friend is mine




Never catch a Thugg off guard

A world where you can’t feel anything is lonely.